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Stef Steyn

Stef Steyn, a true South African, born and raised in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal where he was fortunate to enjoy good quality life, fresh air, blue skies, clear mountain water and therefore stands to reason that he has a passion for the outdoors, wildlife and conservation.

He started his career in professional guiding in 1995 after retiring from the S.A. Police Services, where he held the rank of Colonel. His list of qualifications includes: National Nature and Cultural Guide, Level 2 Field Guide, Mountain Guide and Rock Art Guide. It is this knowledge and experience that secured him guiding contracts with the BBC during the filming of various documentary programmes.

Stef is stimulated by sharing his great knowledge of the history, culture, fauna, flora, geography and geology of Southern Africa. His strong people skills combined with being highly organised and the ability to handle pressure makes him the ideal expedition leader and why he has been leading African Insight groups for almost 20 years.