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Thabani Nzuza

Coming from a family where his father is regarded as one of the pioneering “black” African conservationists in the hitherto “white” dominated apartheid professional wildlife conservation landscape, Thabani comes from solid conservation stock.  Thabani graduated from a unique high school where he was positively influenced by teachers that groomed learners to be ready for the changes happening in South Africa.  Thabani knew that in the new South Africa his calling was for public service and initially thought that a career in the police was for him.

Whilst waiting for his application to police college to be processed, he signed up for a three-month African Insight Academy internship and never looked back.  After finally completing a one-year internship he joined the permanent Academy as a trainee guide.

Thabani’s talent for making people feel at home and at ease is invaluable when introducing foreign participants to the cultural perceptions and authentic cultural immersion components of the academy’s programmes.   In African Insight he has found his true calling for service in being an ambassador for the Zulu culture and wildlife conservation.