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Vicky Kearney

Vicky hails from Winchester in the United Kingdom where she achieved the highest level in the Scouts and is a registered Scout Leader.  She came to South Africa on an academic field trip with her college (Sparsholt).  On this trip she learned about African Insight Academy’s Internship programme and after graduating she applied to do a three-month internship …. and another one …. and another one …. three in total.  It was obvious that a position with African Insight Academy was a perfect fit, so when she proposed a three-year volunteer visa it was agreed, and Vicky joined the team as a volunteer intern co-ordinator.

Vicky brings passion, commitment to being organized and the ability to see beyond the obvious to the team, which are invaluable when working in remote locations.  Vicky’s achievements are the tangible result of African Insight Academy’s slogan – Inspire, Educate, Empower.