Interns & Volunteers

Interns and Volunteers

Conservation and Ecology Internship
Self-catering meals with weekly town trips
Return transfers are included
2-dome tented accommodation offered

FREEME KZN Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer
Self-catering meals
Shared log cabin accommodation
Return transfers included

Tillietudlem Game Reserve Management
Self-catering meals
Shared accommodation
Return transfers included

Interns & Volunteers

Aim Our internship has been specifically designed to provide a means for young international students, looking to pursue a career in conservation, a unique opportunity to be exposed to current concepts and principles of conservation and ecology within a South African context. Led by experts in both conservation and ecology, this programme will provide useful insight to the many different fields of conservation and ecology that will enable students to make a more informed decision with regard to the next step of their career. They will leave with knowledge and skills gained from practical and theoretical study, across a wide range of conservation management and ecological research modules.

The internship is designed to inspire, educate and empower international students who seek exposure to conservation and ecology specifically within a Southern African context.


  • Provide an academically stimulating program that incorporates both theoretical and practical components
  • Cover an array of current and relevant concepts and principles in conservation and ecology
  • Efficiently managed syllabus to maximise time and work load management, keeping the students constructively occupied without allowing them to be over or underworked
  • A unique opportunity to experience a relevant and applicable insight into conservation and ecology, in a dynamic, fun and exciting way

Modules: All modules consist of both practical and theoretical components, which involve lectures presented by the module facilitators and students, discussion and debate sessions, and practical application of concepts.

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FREEME KZN Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer

FREEME KZN Wildlife Rehabilitation is a centre which was established in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, just outside Howick, to handle the rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild of all injured, orphaned or sick wildlife from an area which covers a large area with diverse climate and vegetation zones from sub-tropical forest and thorn Veld near the coast to the cool temperate misty grassland belts, ending with the harsh climate of the Drakensburg Mountain region, which is subject to snow, big storms and run away fires.

It is an area of huge biodiversity and the Clinic has to be prepared to handle a large number of animal and bird species, including antelope, small and medium predators, raptors, large wading birds and migrants, reptiles, bats, a whole range of smaller bird and mammal species and two varieties of primates.

They run a 24/7 emergency call out and at times these can involve journeys of up to two hundred kilometres at a time.

Your duties as a Rehabilitation Volunteer will include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Daily Feeding
  • Cleaning of enclosures
  • Assisting with basic first aid and assistance with minor surgeries
  • Accompanying Centre staff in the collection of injured animals.
  • Accompanying Centre staff in the release of rehabilitated animals into nearby Game Reserves.
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Tillietudlem Game Reserve Management Volunteer

The owner and management of Tillietudlem are passionately committed to protecting and encouraging the conservation of the reserve. Although the vast majority of the reserve is in pristine condition, there is a continuous fight against the encroachment of invasive alien plants, which threaten the ecology and therefore the wildlife of the reserve. You will get involved with their daily schedule of tasks ranging from anti-poaching, grass assessments, small mammal monitoring, camera trap management and much more. The 2 week rotation is packed with learning opportunity and real experiential conservation.

Wildlife found on this 2000ha game reserve include eland, wildebeest, blesbuck, zebra, mountain reedbuck, duiker, steenbuck and the critically endangered oribi, amongst many others. Predators are represented by healthy populations of black-backed jackal, caracal, serval and both cape clawless and spotted-necked otter. You might even spot a leopard on the prowl. Other smaller animals include porcupine, aardvark, genets and civets - truly a vast range of activity in the animal kingdom! It's also a very special place when it comes to birds because the reserve is an IBA (Important Bird and Biodiversity Area). It is home to rare species like the secretary bird, blue crane, ground hornbill and 5 species of kingfisher. It also represents one of the last foraging areas for the critically endangered blue swallow.

In addition to wildlife, the reserve also has a registered herd of indigenous nguni cattle, a stable of 6 horses and two very energetic rhodesian ridgebacks.

The reserve is a part of one of the most threatened eco-systems in Africa – the mist-belt grasslands. More than 60% of all grassland biomes have already been modified, mostly under forestry or arable agriculture, and only 2.2 % of the South Africa’s mountain grassland biome is under formal conservation, despite it being one of the world’s most bio-diverse habitats.

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