Somkhanda Game Reserve Activities

Somkhanda Game Reserve Activities

African Insight on Somkhanda Game Reserve

Somkhanda Game Reserve, established in 1998 and proclaimed in 2006, is a 12,000ha community owned game reserve resulting from a series of successful land claims.

Somkhanda is part of the KZN Wildlife and WWF the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project which is a conservation initiative to promote their breeding and expand their range. Home to healthy population of white rhino, leopard, hyena and all plains game that historically occurred in the region and with more recent introductions of lion, buffalo, wild dogs and elephant the reserve support a comprehensive and diverse wildlife population.

African Insight was mandated on a five-year contract to develop and manage tourism on Somkhanda. Community members were selected, trained and given an initial eighteen-month paid internship. On completion, twelve interns were given permanent positions and further training in hospitality services and wildlife guiding.

Unlike the traditional concept of private game lodges where the visitor experience is game drive-based entertainment, on Somkhanda visitors may to explore the reserve in their own 4x4 vehicles.

African Insight offers a fully inclusive package that includes full board and unlimited game activities. Our “science on safari” tourism model approaches wildlife and the environment from the point of view of being in an enormous classroom, where there is limitless opportunity to learn about all aspects of wildlife and the environment.